An Expert’s Guide to Surf Fishing

There is something beautiful about the purity of surf fishing. At its core, it is angler and fishing rod versus the sea. There are no boats, no lakeside brush to cast near, and relatively little in the way of overly complicated technique. Now, for avid freshwater fishermen, this might seem like a crazy thing toContinue reading “An Expert’s Guide to Surf Fishing”

How to Catch Northern Snakeheads

Northern snakeheads are an invasive species in the United States and have long stood on the list of most wanted fish. While some outlaws had the good fortune of being wanted dead or alive snakeheads are only wanted dead. Some parts of the country have actually offered the chance for cash rewards just by postingContinue reading “How to Catch Northern Snakeheads”

How to Catch Crappie All Year Long

Crappie fishing is pure fun once you get the hang of it. Depending on where you are it can range from being deceptively simple to deceptively complex and this alone adds a nice challenge. As it goes with any fish, practice makes perfect and the more you prepare beforehand the better you can perform onContinue reading “How to Catch Crappie All Year Long”

How to Catch Flounder Like You’ve Been Doing it for Years

Flounder are bound to land on any fisherman’s catch list at one point or another. Once they do that means it is time to study and learn everything you can about them. That’s just what this guide is for. Here you will learn all about the species dubbed “flounder”, when and where to catch them,Continue reading “How to Catch Flounder Like You’ve Been Doing it for Years”

The Best Blade Baits for Winter Bass

Compared to the lures and bait that preceded it, which were made from plastic, wood, and other materials, blade baits were much handier at attracting fish and signaling to anglers when a fish is biting. There was a lull in the popularity of blade baits but they’re well on their way to making a comebackContinue reading “The Best Blade Baits for Winter Bass”

Getting Started with Drop Shot Fishing

Anglers searching for bass, carp, or any of a number of other similar fish are likely well-aware of drop shot fishing. One of the nice things about fishing a drop shot is that it’s very easy, but many overestimate how easy the process is and head out to the water without learning enough beforehand. ForContinue reading “Getting Started with Drop Shot Fishing”

Do I Need to Fish an Alabama Rig?

A comparatively recent development in the fishing world, Andy Poss’s invention that uses metal wiring in an umbrella shape to dangle five different hooked baits from a single fishing line, has been popular since it’s invention. The Alabama Rig, or A-rig, enables anglers to catch multiple fish at once without having to cast out andContinue reading “Do I Need to Fish an Alabama Rig?”

Choosing a Rod for Fishing Frog Lures

Many first-time bass anglers head straight for frog lures when they start to go out on the water. A bite on the end of your line when you’re out fishing with a frog lure, or ‘frogging’, is thrilling because it’s primarily larger bass that eat the frogs and amphibians frog lures are meant to mimicContinue reading “Choosing a Rod for Fishing Frog Lures”

Choosing a Rod for Crankbaits

Crankbaits, as opposed to spinnerbait, frog lures, or blade baits, are types of bait that have durable bodies and either a diving lip or a tow point and a section that moves to imitate the moving bodies of baitfish to attract bass to the line. They are slightly more versatile than blade baits and frogContinue reading “Choosing a Rod for Crankbaits”